Eclipse Weather-vane

I built this weather vane during the solar eclipse of 2017, the three circles represent the sun, earth, and moon.

I only used tools and techniques that would have been known to smiths in the late 1700’s, to create a truly old world feel.

Scottish Thistle Wood Rack

This wood rack was a very interesting and exciting project, the client gave me her requests for functionality but then allowed me to have free rein over the design.

Looking at the space, with its high wood panel molding, ornately carved mantle, and late 19th century furniture I knew the rack would need to have an almost regal feel to fit in with the rest of the space. We decided to go with the thistle motif, but kept the rest of the rack simple with clean classic lines. I added soft brass highlights to add depth and character to the head piece.

One of the unseen features of the rack is the wheels hidden under the oak base, allowing the the owner to move the rack to the door for easy loading.


A Fish Needs A bicycle…

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. -Irina Dunn

This quote is a favorite of one of my long time horse shoeing clients. She asked me to make her a sculpture to depict this quote that so exemplifies her outlook on life.

So… I made her a 6 foot fish riding a bicycle.

I used large round bar to create the silhouette and heavy gauge sheet steel for the dorsal fin and tail, since she is also an avid cyclist I used a large bike cogs for the eyes.

for the final patina I allowed the fish the get a consistent layer or rust then treated it with an oil based finish to protect it.